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Peter Gross Ball Hockey Tournament – Day 1 Results

10 Feb

Monday, February 5th 2014.

Today began the Peter Gross Ball Hockey Tournament. Despite some initial hiccups we saw some great ball hockey action from all four teams!

Game 1- Textiles vs. Photo

We began the day uncertain if there would be a team for the Textiles Studio, but at the last moment they charged out with excellent spirit, AND matching jerseys! The game was fiercely played by both sides with Photography eventually taking the victory with a score of 2-0. Not to be counted out textiles fought a hard battle and gave Photo a challenge.

MVPs for this game were Courtney Eustace for Textiles and Kehinde Shaheed for Photo.

Game 2- Metals vs. Graphics/ Integrated

The Graphics/Integrated team was expected by many to be the victor of this match from their storied ball hockey rivalry with the Photography studio, but the Metals Studio came to to win. The game was intense with scoring going back and fourth for some time, but in the last 5 minutes two goals were made by Metal sealing the fate of Graphics/Integrated. The final score was 5-3 for the Metals Studio.

The MVPs for this game were Emily Petley for Metals and Dale McBride for Graphics/Integrated.

Tomorrow we will see Fashion vs. Ceramics at noon for Game 1, and AVA vs. FVA at 12:30 for Game 2.


News & Updates!

10 Feb

Hello everyone,

We’ve been busy here in the Student Association and are happy to share some news with you!

First up is a rather noticeable update to our Student Lounge! We now have a student refrigerator for storing our food during the school day. Rules and regulations are posted on the freezer door to cover any questions or concerns. We have updated the tea kettle to a model with an automatic shut off for extra safety, and there are now two available for faster accessibility. After taking a look at the state of the existing appliances we have also replaced the toaster and toaster oven. The request for extra plug in space has been handled by placing a power bar and outlet extender in the basket near the appliance area.

School clothing is coming soon! At our next General Assembly, Wednesday March 12th, 2014. We are going to have the supplier arranged and be holding a vote on the final logo designs and locations. We are still shopping between a few suppliers to bring us the most cost effective options for the details requested. Personalized clothing with grad year will also be an option.

Been eyeing grad rings from your university friends? We have a student from the Metal Studio who has designed a NBCCD Grad Ring. The Student Association will be working in co-operation with the Metal Studio to ad this new feature to everyone!

At a previous General Assembly it was announced that a second studio competition would be coming up after March Break. The prizes up for grabs are $500 for 1st Place, $300 for 2nd Place, $200 for 3rd Place. After consulting the students at the last General Assembly we have determined the tentative date to be the Friday March 14th, 2014 at 4:30pm.

The Peter Gross Ball Hockey Tournament has begun and we have seen some great action so far! Who will take the Peter Gross Cup for the first time ever? Expect to be updated via email, and find more info on our blog, Facebook page and Twitter. A chart will be available in the Student Lounge and on the main lobby tv as well!

Have a great week!

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