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Welcome Back!

7 Jan

Welcome back, everyone!

We have a brand new semester ahead of us and we have some nice surprises planed for you all! Keep your ears perked and your eyes peeled for announcements!

Hopefully everyone has had a wonderful Christmas Break, and enjoyed the 12 days of Giveaways before going home! If your name was drawn and you have not yet collected your prize, please let one of the Student Association Executive know or email us at 

We have a General Assembly coming up shortly and we will be discussing a few things, and would like to hear your feedback and concerns! 

At the last General Assembly we elected the remaining positions on the Executive! Your Vice President is now Virginia Stanwix (Graphic Design, 1st Year), Treasurer is Dori Drewniak (Photography, 2nd Year) and your Secretary is Moriah Russell (FVA). 

We hope to see you all out at the next General Assembly. 



Bus Pass & Health Insurance Voting Results

7 Jan

We are announcing the final results of the school wide vote on the implementation of the Universal Bus Pass and the Universal Health Insurance Plans that were offered to us by representatives from each company. After putting the votes out to each of your studios, here is what you had to say!

The results for the Buss Pass Vote are as follows:

59 YES, 75 NO.  

The results for the Universal Health Insurance plan are as follows:

42 YES, 89 NO.

The results determine that we will not be implementing either plan in the upcoming school year. Thank you all for your co-operation. 


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