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Bus Pass & Health Insurance Referendums

13 Nov

Why are we doing this….AGAIN?

Last year we discussed the opportunity of having a Universal Bus Pass added to our student ID at the cost of $150 added to our Student Association fee. This was a hot button issue and both sides felt strongly. The vote was in favour, and rather controversial, yet due to a technicality it was not implemented. 

At our last General Assembly it was brought to a vote to decide whether there would be enough interest in the student body to bring the decision to another vote this year. What was also brought forth at the last General Assembly was the additional possibility that our student body could join with the student body of St. Thomas University and get their much less expensive rate. 

So… what happened?

After some debate the General Assembly voted to stay the motion until we received confirmation that we could combine our student body with that of St. Thomas University. 

The unfortunate response was that there is no way for St. Thomas University to combine their student body with theirs. Thus, we have the new decision of whether we bring last year’s option of $150/per student with no opt-out to a new student wide vote. 

What exactly does that mean?

IF we decide to bring that option to a brand new vote, there will be a paper ballot distributed school wide to every student. A General Assembly decision will not be the final deciding factor as per student request. 

IF we decide there is not enough student body interest to bring this decision to a new vote we will take the decision off the table. 



General Assembly Decision – Executive Committee Restructuring

13 Nov


The first set of items on the agenda for this week’s General Assembly is the restructuring of the Executive Committee. As many of you have noticed every position is vacant with the exception of President. We have had some minor interest in auxiliary positions such as Committee Advisors, but little in the core positions such as Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.

What is a Committee Advisor? Action Committee? Never heard of them!

The role of the Committee Advisor is mainly to oversee the Action Committee. For the past two years we have tried in vain to establish an Action Committee and make it a reality rather than a concept. What the Action Committee is intended to be is a meeting held on a regular bass for students who want to volunteer time to Student Association projects and events. In our school scheduled meeting times rarely work out in a way that everyone can attend. Our studios as a lot of us, so this is an understandable issue.

So why would we get rid of these?


What has happened in recent years is these positions are becoming nearly obsolete. The Executive Council is essentially administrative in our roles in the Student Association as a whole. This is why it is being proposed in the General Assembly that we restructure the Executive Committee by removing the positions of Committee Advisor and the Action Committee.  This change would assist in filling the core roles of the Executive Committee such as Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. The type of roles the Executive Council needs to function efficiently in its administrative efforts. 

What will we do in place of the Committee Advisors and Action Committee?

The Executive Council is working to make the task of being a Student Representative less time consuming, easily accessible and direct. Through direct contact with the Executive Council, the process of giving information and receiving feedback will be quicker and easier for both the student and the Executive Council. 

Student Representatives can forward the names of anyone who would like to volunteer time to the Executive Council events and projects by coming directly to the Executive members or by giving their name to their class Representative. Through direct communication each volunteer experience is based on the individual person’s time, availability and interest which will hopefully make the experience a positive one!

What does this have to do with me?

YOU make the decision! Do you think this is a good idea? Do you think its the worst? Come and tell us! 

General Assembly Thursday, November 14th @ Noon.

13 Nov

A General Assembly has been set for this Thursday, November 14th at noon in the Barracks Lecture Room! The agenda is freshly prepped and is as follows! 

0.0  Opening and Procedures

1.0  Restructuring of the Student Association Executive Council

2.0  Election

3.0  Student Surveys

4.0  Bus Pass & Health Care Referendums

5.0  Student Lounge Improvement

6.0  Holiday Events

7.0  Closing

We have much to discuss and decide. We can’t do anything without YOU! So come on over and we will get things underway as soon as possible! 

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