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Halloween Corrections

28 Oct

Good Morning Everyone,

It has been brought to my attention that some conflicting announcements have been made regarding the Halloween lunchtime event on Thursday, October 31st. To correct these misunderstandings I am going to outline exactly what IS happening on that day!

The Costume Contest:

There are 8 individual categories for costume prizes. Each prize in the individual category is a $40 College Store Certificate.

The Group Costume category is not a studio vs. studio competition, but IF a studio would like to get together and compete as a group they are more than welcome to do so. It is not a requirement. The requirement IS, however, 2 or more persons to qualify as a group. The prize for the Group Costume category is $200.


Bobbing for Donuts. Where bobbing for apples in a bucket of water might prove unsanitary we are putting a new twist on an old game. Donuts will be strung from the ceiling while a single participant will be placed in front of each individual donut. The participant who finishes their entire donut without the use of their hands will be declared the winner. There will be five rounds of up to 5 participants each with the prize being a $10 College Store Certificate.

Guess the Pumpkin Weight. There will be a large pumpkin on display during the lunch hour activities. Students are invited to guess the weight of the pumpkin and the closest weight will win a $10 College Store Certificate.

How Many Candy Corn? A clear container will also be on display during the activities and much like the Pumpkin Weight game students are invited to guess how many candy corn are in the jar. The prize will be a $10 College Store Certificate.

The Twitter/Facebook Giveaways:

Word has been put out that the Student Association now has a ‘likable’ Facebook page which has been posted within the NBCCD Student Association Facebook group and shared around the web as well as a Twitter account.

Those following @nbccdsa on Twitter will be entered into a draw for a $40 College Store Certificate.

Those who ‘like’ us on Facebook will be entered into a draw for a $40 College Store Certificate.

There will also be food, drinks, and treat bags. Come on up, shake off the cobwebs and have some Halloween fun this Thursday, October 31st at NOON in the lounge!


2013 NBCCD Costume Contest!

16 Oct

2013 NBCCD Costume Contest!

Prizes to be given out!


Hallowe’en at NBCCD!

16 Oct

Hallowe'en at NBCCD!

General Assembly pushed to Thursday, October 17th, 2013 due to low attendance.

16 Oct

We did not meet the quorum of 5% attendance required to hold a vote at last weeks general assembly held on October 9th, 2013. A reminder, decisions cannot be made until we have the minimum amount of persons in attendance to vote. Things can’t begin happening in our school without you! Please bring yourself and a friend to the next General Assembly this Thursday, October 17th, at noon in the Barracks. 

Budget Overview

6 Oct

 i will give a brief overview of the existing Student Association Budget at the General Assembly this Wednesday, October 9th at NOON. I do not have the exact figures as the administration is still collecting fees and can’t give an exact statement yet, but we do have the outline of approved expenses to be reviewed.

There will be five minuted for the floor to be open to questions and comments. This is to allow for time for the other agenda points as this assembly is going to take care of many issues. If there are any major concerns or conflicts I am going to post the copy of the Budget as it stands in the constitution. 


Student Association Budget 2012-2013


Fixed Percentages


5% – Donations


Donations made must be to a community organization that directly benefits the entire student body as a whole. (Ex: The Fredericton Community Kitchen).


5% – Lunch n’ Learn Program


Minimum ten Lunch n’ Learns are supported by the Student Association budget. Lunch n’ Learn events are planned lunchtime events designed to bring information to students while providing lunch.


5%- Tutoring


Tutoring is funded at ten dollars per hour. 100 hours of tutoring are made available to the student body as a whole for students who do not qualify for tutoring through their grants or sponsors. Tutoring hours will be granted through the recommendation of an instructor or school counselor.


Fixed Amounts


A 2,000 dollar fund will be set aside for the Student Life Coordinator to use for student emergency situations that arise during the school year. Each situation will be assessed individually and confidentially through the Guidance Councilor of the Student Life Coordinator.


A minimum balance of 5,000 dollars must carry forward to the next school year for Orientation activities.


Five separate in- school, multi day, school- wide events will be held throughout the school year with a budget of 1,000 dollars each. This includes decoration, food, beverages, supplies, and prizes given. The total cost of all five events should total 5,000 dollars by the end of the school year.


Six General Assembly meetings will be held with three falling in the first semester and three in the second semester. Each Assembly is allotted eighty dollars allowance for refreshments for attendees.  All six General Assemblies will cost no more than 480 dollars by the end of the school year.


Two off-campus, single evening events will be held during the school year with a budget of 500 dollars each. Tickets may be sold to compensate any extra costs and account for number of attendees for security purposes.  The cost will total 1,000 dollars by the end of the school year. 



Student Association Sponsored Art Showcase?

6 Oct

The Student Association has some extra funds this year, and it would be a really opportune time to do something on a larger scale. A few ideas were suggested and one that really sounded interesting was the proposal that the Student Association could sponsor a unique opportunity for the students to showcase their talents and reap a reward. 

Those of you from the previous year can likely recall the Nature Trust Exhibit that some of our students participated in. Students from our school submitted work, and those who were selected had their art shown to the public in an exhibit in Saint John and again later on the UNB Fredericton Campus. It was an excellent opportunity for those who participated. Prizes were awarded at the opening night to some very deserving students. 

Many of us at NBCCD may possess skills untapped by our current studio or aren’t utilized in the FVA program. Students in their first year in their studio may not get the opportunity to have their work shown in the gallery this year. Would you, the students, like to have the opportunity to show what you do best to the rest of the students and the public?

Opportunities such as Nature Trust don’t come around everyday to students. While we may not be able to offer something as large scale as Nature Trust, it could be possible for the Student Association to hold a similar showcase of student art and offer prizes to some very deserving students once more. 

Whether we do or not is up to you. If you are interested, vote Wednesday, October 9th at NOON in the Lecture Room of the Barracks. If you aren’t interested, please still let us know! 

Our aim is to give you what you want! We can’t do that unless you tell us!


6 Oct

We are holding elections this WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER the 9th at NOON! 

Positions available are Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Committee Advisors!


Please come to the General Assembly and during the Election portion of the Agenda make yourself available to come to the front, announce your name, the position you are running for and why you would be the best choice. For the sake of time, we ask that you keep this to a few sentences. Once all candidates are presented we will ask that you step outside while we take a vote by show of hands. 


If you are running for a position and cannot be present for reasons such as illness, you are scheduled to work, or have an appointment we can take your name and announce your candidacy for you. 

For those of you not interested in being on the committee please come and support your fellow students who are running! 

Food For Thought: Student Health Plans

6 Oct

The Association has been approached by the Administration as well as a Representative from a Health Insurance Provider which offers a plan for students with the suggestion that we may offer a Health Plan to the students with the expense added to the Student Association fee. 

This works in the same manner as the Yearly Student Bus Pass or the Health Plans offered at the University of New Brunswick and St. Thomas University. The cost to each individual student is relative to the size of the student body.

Most of you may still be covered by your parents Health Insurance, the Insurance of your significant other, or you may have your own.  For those who do not, this cost may be something you are willing to take on! We need to know how you feel as a student body! Show us where you stand on Wednesday, October the 9th at NOON in the Lecture Room in the Barracks. 


Bus Pass Referendum. Re-Visit?

6 Oct

Students from last year can likely fill you in on the events surrounding the Bus Pass Referendum that took place in the previous semester. The option of having a Yearly Student Bus Pass added to our existing Student Association fee was an issue we discussed at great length over the course of the year.

All options were discussed such as whether or not we could give the students the option to opt out of the program, whether we could reduce the existing fee to absorb the overall cost to the students, or whether we could come together with other smaller institutions in the area to reduce the cost per student. While some were happy about the prospect of more accessible travel to and from school, other students were not happy about potential cost of a bus pass they might never have use for.

In the end the student vote at a General Assembly did fall in favour of a Yearly Student Bus Pass being added to our Student Association fee. This however, was not the end. The administration, while aware of the vote taking place, was too late in informing us that all student fee increases had to be approved by a Government panel prior to January 2013. We had missed this deadline.

So the issue of the Yearly Student Bus Pass is passed into the hands of this years students. It is a new year, and with that there are new aspects being brought to light. As your Student Association Executive Council President I have discussed this issue again with the administration and we have learned that we could potentially merge our student body with that of St.Thomas University and acquire the same rate that their students pay for a yearly bus pass. The larger the student body, the less each individual student has to pay.

The question to you, fellow students, is are we interested in re-opening the Yearly Student Bus Pass referendum or do we want to put that behind us for good? The General Assembly is the time and place to let me know exactly where you stand!

IF the motion is passed to re-open the referendum the official vote to approve or deny the addition of the Yearly Student Bus Pass to our Student Association fee will be a student wide  vote issued to all students outside of the General Assembly. Normally the General Assembly is where we make all of our decisions, but the circumstances involving this issue we will make an exception.

Come and have your vote counted!

Facebook & Twitter Give-aways!

6 Oct

LIKE US on FACEBOOK & FOLLOW US on TWITTER to be entered to WIN a 20$ gift card to the College Store! Everyone needs supplies and our college store gives you a great deal on what you need! You must like and follow by October 31st at 11AM to be entered into the draw! 

Find us on Facebook as New Brunswick College of Craft and Design Student Association. 

Follow @nbccdsa on Twitter!


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